On December 22, 2015 I was seen at the Mountain Ear Hearing Clinic in Franklin, N.C.  This was my 3rd attempt to have my hearing aides adjusted so I would be able to wear them.  This saga began 9 years ago.  They have been in my cupboard for 99% of that time.  I had visited with the personnel from Mountain Ear Hearing at a local Senior Games Health Fair several months ago.  They were very kind and answered all my questions.  I finally got up the courage to make an appointment.  I am so very glad I did.  My appointment was with Mr. David Roberts, a Hearing Aid Specialist.   He did a fantastic job of getting my aides upgraded and reprogrammed and placed a different pair of ear pieces.  WOW....I have been using them every day and I am so glad I gave myself another chance at being able to hear.  Thank you Mr. Roberts and Mountain Ear Hearing Associates.  I will be recommending this Company to any one who will listen.

- J. White

In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

I.T.E. (in the ear) hearing aids are undoubtedly the most popular style we recommend to our patients. Their one-piece construction means they are easy to use, and they offer a very high standard of comfort. All of our in the ear digital hearing aids are custom made, ensuring they are both discrete and offer a bespoke fit. So, when you select this type of digital hearing aid, the experienced Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser will take an impression of the inside of your ear. This approach ensures that the outer shell of the hearing aid will exactly match the contours of your ear, making it a good fit.

A relaxing and completely pain-free experience, the impression takes a mere 10 minutes and, in keeping with the nature of the hearing aid, the size and design of the system can be varied in several ways:

  • Your preference for cosmetics

    At Mountain-Ear Hearing, we try our best to match the hearing aid system you request to your specific needs. We’ll offer you information and advice at every step of the way, and we will be able to tell you if your preferred style is suitable for your type of hearing loss.

  • The degree of hearing loss

    The extent of your hearing loss will, in many cases, determine the dimensions of your digital hearing aid. As a rule, the more power required in the hearing aid, the larger the battery will need to be. This will affect the size of the system and therefore its visibility.

  • Extra features

    Today’s hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of equipment, and extra functions such as a telecoil or a loop system can be added to make life simpler. Even Bluetooth connectivity and MP3 compatibility are potential options, but these will all increase the size of the in the ear hearing aid.

  • Dexterity

    While small digital hearing aids might be more discrete, some clients may find that a slightly larger system is easier to handle and control. When selecting the size, consider performing basic maintenance tasks like changing the battery, and whether a slightly larger system may benefit you.

    I.T.E. digital hearing aids are often considered by many of our patients to be the most cosmetically pleasing and simple to use. We will be on hand to advise whether the system is appropriate for you, and what options are available to customize it to your own needs.