On December 22, 2015 I was seen at the Mountain Ear Hearing Clinic in Franklin, N.C.  This was my 3rd attempt to have my hearing aides adjusted so I would be able to wear them.  This saga began 9 years ago.  They have been in my cupboard for 99% of that time.  I had visited with the personnel from Mountain Ear Hearing at a local Senior Games Health Fair several months ago.  They were very kind and answered all my questions.  I finally got up the courage to make an appointment.  I am so very glad I did.  My appointment was with Mr. David Roberts, a Hearing Aid Specialist.   He did a fantastic job of getting my aides upgraded and reprogrammed and placed a different pair of ear pieces.  WOW....I have been using them every day and I am so glad I gave myself another chance at being able to hear.  Thank you Mr. Roberts and Mountain Ear Hearing Associates.  I will be recommending this Company to any one who will listen.

- J. White

Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

If you're researching hearing aids, you'll undoubtedly have discovered that this style of B.T.E. (behind the ear) digital hearing aid is by far the most widely used. They are the preferred system where power and additional features are a consideration.

Their design dates back to the 1960s, when they became a worldwide sensation after eliminating bulky, body worn hearing aids. You could say they are a timeless design because the basic principle is still used today, with modern behind the ear hearing aids making use of up-to-date materials and technology to utilize a unit that sits neatly behind the ear. At Mountain-Ear Hearing, we'll often recommend this option where the patient requires power and total control.

So, what are the benefits to the behind the ear system?

  • Control

    As the user, you're in total control. You can vary the overall volume heard through the hearing aid system, and the Program button enables users to navigate through a series of varied programs to suit their environment, such as listening to music.

  • Telecoils

    Easily built into the system, the telecoil (or T switch/loop system) allows users to benefit from the inductive loop field often built into public places, such as post offices, banks and churches.

  • Customization and ease of use

    A great deal of our patients find that the behind the ear system is a great option because of its ease of use. Simple to handle and with large batteries for a long life, the design also allows patients to customize their hearing aid. These can be of great help where our patients require absolute clarity in background noise.

  • Versatility

    Thanks to their ear-mounted design, B.T.E. hearing aids are often more reliable and longer lasting than some other styles.